The idea of creating avatars for everyone on the Reserve team stemmed from our vision of equity and our shared desire that someone's story not be limited by the place that they're from.


The Reserve team comes from a diverse set of backgrounds. The individuals on the team come from different parts of the world; they come from different cultures and different economic situations. Our goal was to ensure that this would not affect the way we work together.

Something as simple as a profile picture can play an outsized role in the way someone makes a first impression. The fact that one person might have a high definition photo of themselves taken in a dream landscape while another might have a pixelated photo taken with an old cell phone seemed like something we shouldn't let color our impressions of one another.

Based on this as well as prior experiences of many of our team members, we borrowed from the example of video games where nobody asks you who you are or how high status you are -- the important thing is your contribution to the game. Through your avatar you are whoever you want to be. And it's the same principle for us: what matters is your ability to provide value, and this is the seed idea for the avatars we use on the Reserve team.

Inclusion and universality

Every member of the team brings something unique to the project and when they join, each person has a personalized avatar created especially for them.

At Reserve, despite our individual backgrounds, we are all on equal footing and have access to the same opportunities.

This is not just a core principle for us, it is a way of acting in our day-to-day; that's why we created our own metaverse where the avatars are our representation of each team member.

Why our own metaverse?

On our team, there is no preferential treatment or discrimination, there is no distinction based on where you live or your life history: opportunities at Reserve are available for everyone.

We are all valued in how we show up for our teammates and in the contributions we make. We have equal chances to grow within each team, to lead and take initiative and responsibility; this makes Reserve a safe space for creativity and for building and developing new paradigms.

We know that inclusion and universality cannot be achieved quickly, however, every day we make choices to move toward equity and our avatars serve as a reminder of this value we share.

This section will be updated as new members join the project. When you come back it is likely that this metaverse will be larger than it is today. šŸŒˆ