Business development

Guild Role

We develop alliances and connections so that our platform can be a practical solution for those who need it the most.

We solve people's problems through partnerships. We focus on the “pains” they have and look for the best way to solve them. The BD Guild has a 100% pragmatic approach.

Coalition Building

Our guild builds relationships with people as well as companies -- what matters is that they believe in the cause and share our values and long-term vision. We work on creating alliances that impact both our immediate and long-term goals. We don't care about titles, age, gender, or religion; we believe in merit, abilities, experience, and a shared vision to build a future that can help everyone.

We operate under the principles of transparency, respect, teamwork, and growth. We are guided by a philosophy of being public and open because we believe that this strengthens our overall efforts.

The common cause is paramount and that’s why we promote other projects that also benefit people in need around the world. The goal we're aiming to achieve does not belong to a single organization.

Local Partnerships

Finally, we understand that the reality on the ground can be dramatically different, depending on where you live. Because of this, we adapt to each country in order to offer the best solution for people, working with local partners such as exchanges, wallets, OTCs, and payment processors: third parties which are already established and experienced in each area. It's through these regional partners that Reserve is able to serve users in the app.

The BD Guild is responsible for recruiting and integrating these external providers. Each of them is vetted via a KYC/AML process, they sign agreements with Reserve, and are then technologically integrated and trained to use our tools and comply with our standards.