Reserve Asset-Backed Hackathon

Join us in building the asset-backed currency revolution together

Kicked off at ETH Denver 2023, $70,000 is up for grabs for the dreamers, heroes, and builders who help us shape the future of money.

Phase 1 -
RToken Pitch

  • Ideation and presentation of what a successful asset-backed currency (RToken) looks like

  • Winning submissions can be viewed here

  • Video

$10,000 - Completed

Phase 2 -
Collateral Plugins

  • Collateral plugins allow other DeFi protocols to be used as collateral in the Reserve ecosystem

  • $3,000 per plugin, for total of $33,000

  • $2,000 to the best submissions, based on the judging criteria

$35,000 - ONGOING

Phase 3 -
RToken Adoption

  • Deploy an RToken and win prizes for adoption 

  • $25,000 of prizes in this category

  • Different RToken milestones are rewarded, from TVL, unique depositors, and governance

$25,000 - TBD (weeks)

Phase 2: Collateral Plugin Development | $35,000

Unleash the limitless potential of RTokens

Phase 2 Deadline: April 15, 2023

Check out this video walkthrough of Reserve's smart contracts and this guide on writing a collateral plugin

Successful submissions will contain working tests, conform with Reserve’s Solidity Style Guide, and be properly documented   

We are happy to help in our Discord!

Phase 3: RToken Adoption | $25,000

Show the world what your RToken is made of

Read the RToken Deployers Checklist Sign up now

Duration 30 days





Highest average TVL over 14 days







# Depositors

Highest # of unique depositors







Governance Proposal

Execute governance proposals on RToken

$1,000 for first 5 submissions


  • RTokens can be deployed at

  • Carefully choose the collateral assets and parameters that you think will be most attractive to your target audience.

  • See here for a walkthrough of an example deployment.

  • Stay tuned to Reserve’s Twitter to get the scoop on when Phase 3 goes live. Phase 3 runs for a period of 30 days after launching.

Ongoing Support

  • Successful RTokens may receive liquidity mining incentives to spur further adoption thanks to Reserve Protocol’s sizeable Convex holdings.