Our Team

Team Structure

Our team has around 200 people organized into 2 Tribes, 15 Guilds, and dozens of Squads.


The team is essentially made up of two projects working closely together: - The RPay Tribe, led by Gabo, is in charge of the app and our operations in Latin America. (We often refer to the app internally as “RPay”, rather than “Reserve” which is what we call the whole project.) - The RToken Tribe, led by Nevin, is in charge of developing and promoting our smart contract protocol, including its decentralized governance.

The RPay side has seen explosive growth as our Venezuelan operations have scaled up, while the RToken side has remained relatively small — on the order of 10 people — since the beginning of Reserve.


Each team member is part of exactly one Guild. There are currently 15 Guilds, such as Engineering, Design, and Community & Culture. Guilds are organized around skillsets or “trades” more than specific tasks or objectives — you could think of them like “the Engineers Guild”, “the Designers Guild”, “the Community Organizers Guild”. Each Guild has a Guild Leader that is responsible for aligning their members around best practices and principles, and for their members’ hiring, firing, and performance reviews.


While engineering and design are activities, and have Guilds named after them, they are not specific tasks like building and maintaining a website, or applying for licenses, or assessing job applicants. Such tasks are instead the stuff of Squads. There are tens of Squads, including Website, Recruiting, Security, Human Resources, and Brand Strategy. Squads are subteams whose members come from a variety of Guilds depending on which competencies are required for the particular task or objective. The Website Squad has members from the Engineering, Design, Community, and Administration Guilds. Squads vary a lot - they may be large or small, ongoing or temporary, with fixed or fluid membership; it all depends on what is best suited to the task or objective. Each Squad has a Squad Leader that is responsible for the Squad achieving its objective. Collectively, the efforts of the Squads drive the progress of the overall project.