At Reserve we have created a fully remote workflow that allows everyone, regardless of where they live, to join the team through the use of a suite of innovative technological tools. The only requirements are having a urge to change the world, the capacity to adapt, and the constant desire to improve (and a relatively stable internet connection!).

Our team structure is made up of three levels: “tribes,” “guilds,” and “squads.” This allows for information to be easily distributed throughout the whole project. Members of the tribes and guilds cycle through different squads, either to lead them or as regular members. We believe that a team member can take on a leadership role at any time in order to contribute to the project’s different objectives and to grow on an individual level.

To support this team structure, we use various tools that allow us to work synchronously and asynchronously, coordinating closely across different continents and time zones.

Our working principles are based on: