The invisible human right

We live in a world in which two people with the same education, doing the same work, and putting in the same effort, will not have the same development possibilities if one has access to a stable currency and the other does not. One will be able to save, plan, and organize expenses. The other will have to struggle every single day as the money in their pocket loses value literally overnight, resulting in high financial and emotional stress.

Hyperinflation is the cruelest face of this reality. It destroys people's work, invalidates efforts, and takes away opportunities. It is brutal and unfair.

Borders should not limit anyone's human development.

As a global society we have made progress on many civil rights fronts. However, in many parts of the world something as basic as access to a stable currency is still a privilege. It’s time to change that.

The tools

For the first time in history, technology gives us the ability to empower citizens around the world to fight back against high inflation and even hyperinflation.

Reserve's developers have created an initial set of tools that can help people immediately overcome devaluation:

A cryptocurrency designed to preserve its 1-to-1 value to the dollar (a “stablecoin”), an application to send, receive, and spend the currency, and an open protocol for other developers to build and help those who lack access to a stable currency.

These tools are just the beginning. Granting access to a stable currency is a global and humanitarian cause that shouldn’t be owned by any individual, company, or organization.

This is an open call to work together. We encourage and welcome any tools or initiatives that can help restore hope to all the people who are left behind by the injustices of the financial system. Access to a stable currency is a necessary step to achieve full financial inclusion in today’s interconnected world.

The places

Reserve serves people in countries that don’t often attract foreign investment. Countries where economic problems overwhelm its citizens, making them vulnerable and invisible to the system or to any support network.

These are scenarios where access to a stable currency can truly make a difference; economies with chronic inflation and devaluation problems such as Venezuela, Argentina, or Lebanon, where people need someone to tell them “I'm here to help.” We will provide tools for people to face and battle their problems.

Granting a new type of stable currency is not only a technological challenge, it is also human one. If we want to have an impact in society we need to organize people so that they can help each other use this technology.

As humans, we all belong to the same extended family, no matter how wealthy we are, where we were born, or under what conditions we live. Those categories should not define us nor deprive us of access to opportunities.

We are requesting the proclamation of a new human right, which is badly infringed around the world. Today, for the first time, technology gives us the possibility of addressing it, and the community at large gives us hope of achieving this goal.