Privacy Policy for the App

Personally identifying information is collected to support transactions in the app. Because Reserve prioritizes the privacy of app users, only information necessary for app use is collected, and personal data is never shared with third parties (except when legally required). Even within Reserve, access to user information is limited to employees who manage the app’s operation.

Information we collect

Reserve can collect, use, store, and transfer the following types of personal information about its users:

Aggregated data such as user statistics and demographic information may be collected, used and shared for any purpose. This information may come from personal data that is not considered personal data in the eyes of the law, since these data do not directly or indirectly reveal the identity of the users. For example, Reserve may calculate the percentage of users with similar characteristics from app usage data.

There are certain special categories of data which Reserve does not collect from users: race, ethnicity, religious or philosophical beliefs, sexual orientation or activity, political opinions, union membership, health information, and genetic or biometric data.