User Agreement


By creating an account in the Reserve app and making use of any of its services, users confirm that they have read, understood, and accepted the terms and conditions of the user agreement, as well as the privacy policy and application of the law policy, acknowledging that they agree to be bound by these agreements and policies.

Currently the app is available to people and institutions located in the supported jurisdictions (Venezuela, Colombia, and Argentina).

By accessing or using the Reserve application, users declare and guarantee that: - They are not restricted persons or a residents of restricted territories (Cuba, North Korea, Sudan, Syria) - They will not use the Reserve application for any illegal activity, including but not limited to illegal gambling, money laundering, fraud, blackmail, extortion, salvaging data, financing terrorism, other violent activities - If they are citizens of Venezuela, they do not work in the oil or gold industries or for the Venezuelan government.


Restricted activities

In connection with the use of digital dollars and the Reserve application, the following activities are restricted: - Violating (or assisting any other party to violate) any applicable law, statute, ordinance or regulation - Intentionally attempting to defraud (or assist in defrauding the Company or other Users) - Providing false, inaccurate or misleading information - Taking any action that interferes, intercepts or expropriates any system, data or information - Participating in any transaction that involves the proceeds of an illegal activity - Transmitting or uploading any virus, worm or other malicious software or program - Attempting to gain unauthorized access to other Reserve accounts, the Reserve application website or any related network or system - Using the Reserve Application in the name of a third party or acting as an intermediary between the Company and any third party - Collecting any user information from other Users, including email addresses - Defaming, harassing or violating the privacy or intellectual property rights of the Company or any other User - Uploading, displaying or transmitting messages, photos, videos or other media that contain illegal or copyrighted images or materials.

Prohibited or unauthorized transactions

Use of the Reserve application related to the following is prohibited, and the Company reserves the right to monitor payments or transactions that relate to: - Any Restricted Person or persons or entities located in restricted territories - Money laundering or terrorist financing - Any type of Ponzi scheme, pyramid scheme, or multi-level marketing program - Goods or services that infringe or violate any copyright, trademark or proprietary rights under the laws of any jurisdiction - Circumvent trading, anticipatory use, insider trading, market manipulation, or other forms of market-based fraud or deception - Any activities that the Company has reason to believe are illegal in the United States

In the event that the Company learns that users are conducting such Prohibited Transactions, the Company will consider it a violation of this Agreement and may suspend or terminate their access to the Reserve Application.

Closure or suspension of accounts

Reserve may take any action it deems necessary, including account suspension and freezing or confiscating users’ digital dollars, if the following occur: User has transacted with blacklisted accounts or engaged in prohibited transactions and activities - If there is more than one account per user - Lack of positive identification - Court order - Similar reasons that violate the User Agreement

Users can terminate this Agreement at any time by closing their account in the app. Such closure can be avoided if, in the company's judgment, it is being conducted in an effort to evade a court order or legal investigation. After the closure or suspension of an Account in the Reserve application, the user authorizes the company to cancel or suspend pending transactions, losing all property rights and claims against Reserve. Users remain responsible for all activities carried out in or with their Reserve Application Account while it was active and for all amounts owed hereunder.