Customer Experience

Guild Role

Ensure a positive experience for our users, which we see as one of the most important challenges for our vision of reaching every person in the world.

The focus of this guild covers everything related to the continuous improvement of quality, efficiency, and ease of use for the user as they interact with our support team both within the app as well as externally.

In trying to help people gain access to a stable currency, our guild plays an important role in reaching and supporting even those people without tech experience or training. As part of this, we have chosen to implement a design that is similar to other tools that people have used before, so that they can comfortably transition to the new range of solutions offered by Reserve.

Because of our focus on societies where a stable currency is non-existent, our guild must understand the day-to-day challenges that our users face. This understanding allows us to bring a deep sense of empathy as we support our users; we call this Human Attention because of our focus on each individual's problem.

Every new development within the Customer Experience guild is done with an eye towards scalability and adaptability. We aim to increase automation and innovation at each step of the process, with tools that allow us to quickly solve user issues, without losing the human touch.