Guild Role

Engineering at Reserve is all about building: we transform company vision into reality.

What we build is new. What we build is exciting. We're solving technical problems that no one has had the guts to try and solve before. And what we build changes our customers' lives in a real way.

We're tasked with developing solutions that are reliable and trustworthy. Solutions that bridge financial institutions, blockchains, and international regulations. Solutions that produce clarity and ease in a landscape that is constantly shifting. Solutions that handle a rapidly growing customer base. Solutions that connect people.

How we accomplish excellence:

  1. Get involved
    • We engage with all parts of the company to understand the best path forward. We work closely with our Product and Design teams to help shape that path, not just accept it.

  2. Embrace change
    • The space where we operate is rapidly evolving: tomorrow's priorities may look very different from today's. We embrace change and adapt quickly.

  3. Iterate and iterate and iterate
    • Perfection takes time, but taking steps towards perfection doesn't have to. Break problems down; deliver incremental features. Always be moving forward.

  4. Collaborate and learn
    • We design our code together. We work on problems together. We combine our knowledge and experience to help our team be as effective as it can be.

Excited about what we're doing? Would you like to work like this? Chat with us.