What is Reserve?

Reserve is a stable cryptocurrency, a decentralized protocol that governs it, and an application made for people without technical knowledge to use our currency in their daily lives.

What is the Reserve Dollar (RSV)?

RSV is a cryptocurrency designed to maintain a 1-to-1 parity to the US Dollar. It is governed by a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC20) in order to guarantee a transparent and efficient monetary policy, so that it always preserves its value and is free from any human manipulation attempts.

To issue RSV one must deposit three equal quantities of the following stable coins: USDC, TUSD, and USDP, in the Protocol’s vault.

What is the Reserve App?

The application works as a digital payment system for people and businesses that are based in countries with high inflation. It allows them to perform daily transactions using a stable currency.

Who is it for?

These tools were designed for people living in economies in crisis, hit by high inflation and deep devaluations that limit their personal development. Reserve allows them to protect their work and effort with a currency that preserves its value and is shielded from ever-decreasing purchasing power.

Why use Reserve?

In countries with uncontrolled inflationary processes, being able to get hold of US dollars to use them as a hedge is a privilege. Reserve offers universal access in the countries where it operates. The only requirement is having a smartphone and Internet connection.

Use cases

The project was created so that everyone can perform daily transactions using a a stable currency. With Reserve, people can

How does it work?

Currently the Reserve Dollar (RSV) can be exchanged for national currencies in markets such as Venezuela, Argentina, and Colombia through the official Reserve app in a simple and intuitive way. In the future, the goal is to expand the options and include other popular financial applications and cryptocurrency exchanges.

Where is it available?

Reserve operates in those parts of the world where it is harder to run a business, because those are usually the places where access to a stable currency is most badly needed. The project’s first steps are Venezuela, Argentina, and Colombia.

Reserve organizes local communities in the world's most volatile economies in order to offer them financial services that people can use in their daily lives. We don’t limit the scope of our work to distributing our technology. We also build organic relationships with those who suffer the effects of hyperinflation and high inflation with the goal of empowering them.

Where are the tokens listed?

Reserve Dolar (RSV)

Reserve Rights (RSR)