Our project is organized into tribes, guilds and squads. This type of organization allows us to work as a team, with clear leadership, coordination and coaching, but without limiting the teams to their maximum expression. Our business model encourages us to grow individually while making a collective impact.

The tribes are our first level of organization. They help us provide context and vision to the guilds and squads, and define priorities. Tribes allow the maximum use of our resources with the principle of austerity, generating accountability, transparency and order in our investment processes. (Autonomy) (The tribal leaders are the ones who propose the vision and the general strategy with which the structure is nourished.)

The guilds are the next internal level within the tribes, that is why the tribe leaders strategically and tactically align the guild leaders, so that they can do the same with their own teams. Tribe leaders organize, generate good practices, train and teach our principles to the squads during their joint weekly meetings. Guild leaders are in charge of hiring, reviewing performances, and firing their team members, always with the goal of making the project grow and improve.

The squads are our central form of organization within the guilds, and they can have a temporary life span. They are extremely important for the allocation of resources, since squads are in charge of directly defining priorities and action plans. Each squad has a leader responsible for guiding the team, and each team is formed by members from different guilds. Every member has a clear and crucial role within the squad. People usually belong simultaneously to more than one squad, and organize their time accordingly, always contributing to the growth of the project as a whole. Whenever a person joins a new squad, he/she has a one-on-one session with the squad leader, in order to define goals, priorities, and schedules. Squads are constantly changing, given that once they fulfill their objectives, they disappear. Squads reflect Reserve's dynamic vision.