Guild role

Provide a good customer service experience, maintain the processes that require synchronization between entities and people, and help users complete actions within the app.

Reserve is constantly exploring technological options that allow us to achieve our goals: defeating hyperinflation and granting access to a stable currency for everyone.

In some cases this entails increasing automations, both for the tools we use as operators and for the parts of the app the users interact with. But there is always room for tasks where the participation of an operator or human agent is necessary.

The Operations Guild is characterized by a mindset of rapid adaptability and change. Our main focus is to ensure fast and high-quality service for our users.

About this team

As a guild we focus on providing a human approach to our users' experiences. We recognize the vulnerability and experiences that citizens from countries with high inflation go through. This has led us to populate our operating team with people who understand the sensitivity of the subject, who have experienced it first-hand, and are capable of helping others properly.

About our work

Due to the importance of the type of high intensity and repetitive work carried out by our agents, each shift is only 6.5 hours. We always look after the mental health of our team. We also constantly do additional trainings in various areas for individual and collective growth. Our members are motivated to pitch initiatives or participate in other teams within the organization, helping them achieve their own personal and professional growth.

How does it work?

We use a program called Intercom as well as an internal-developed bot operator named "Rosi" who can interact with users to gather information about any issues they're having and then allow operators to take the tickets, analyze them, reach out to our payment processors, solve the issue, and then get back to the users. We are always looking for ways to decrease waiting times and Rosi has become a star member of our guild!