RSR tokenomics

Total RSR supply

RSR has a fixed total supply of 100 billion tokens, out of which there are currently 13.2b in circulation. The remaining 86.8b of the tokens are locked. Out of these, 49.4b tokens belong to the Slow Wallet, 17.4b to seed investors and strategic partners and 20b to team members and advisors.

The Slow Wallet is a locked wallet controlled by the Reserve project and will be used to fund RToken adoption initiatives like listings, partnerships, marketing, etc. It has a hard-coded 4-week delay after initiating each withdrawal transaction order on the blockchain. Upon initiating a withdrawal transaction, the team announces the purpose of the withdrawal either through a public on-chain message or on social media. If RSR holders do not agree with the purpose of the withdrawal, they are able to sell their RSR in the 4-week period before the project is able to sell what they have withdrawn. The team can only access these withdrawn tokens after those 4 weeks.

The remaining 37.4b tokens are locked and most of these will be progressively unlocked starting from mainnet launch. This category consists of 20b tokens for team members/advisors, 17.4b tokens for seed investors and strategic partners.

Please note that due to long internal vesting policies for team members, the total amount of team member tokens that are going to actually be unlocked during the 6-month mainnet unlocking period will be around 15.5b and not 20b. This is an approximate number and is likely to end up being a bit less.

Mainnet RSR supply release schedule

Starting on mainnet launch, 32.9b tokens from team members/advisors, seed investors and strategic partners will be unlocked during a 6-month period.

On the day mainnet launches, 10% of these tokens (3.3b), will be unlocked at once. After that, the remaining 90% will be distributed linearly over the following six months. New unlocks will happen continuously, block by block, via vesting smart contracts. The following graph visualizes the cumulative amount of unlocked RSR per month during the first year after mainnet.