RSV, the Reserve Dollar

RSV can be minted and redeemed at this portal, or by interacting directly with the contract.

There are not many listings for RSV on exchanges, nor are there many on-chain transactions. This is because most of its active users hold it and transfer it in the Reserve app, which is a custodial wallet that allows transacting off-chain. The app hosts about 15,000 off-chain RSV transactions, totaling about $1.5M USD in volume, per day. The intent is to eventually transition to a user-custody model where users hold their own keys and transact on a layer 2 network, since layer 1 gas fees on Ethereum are too inconvenient. For now, the app's centralized database is our stand-in for a "layer 2."

Its source code has been audited by CertiK.

To learn more about how RSV works, see how RSV currently works.