System States + Roles

Reserve Protocol contains five core governance roles that any governance smart contract can easily integrate in order to create new governance systems for RTokens:

💡 While Reserve Protocol is a fully open system that allows the integration of any custom governance smart contract for RTokens, the Reserve team has deployed a recommended governance system that will be suggested to RToken deployers. If you’re interested in reading about its details, please refer to the Governor Alexios.

The roles mentioned above each have the ability to put their RToken’s system in specific non fully functional states in the case of an attack, exploit, or bug. These states are:

Action Paused Frozen
Issue RToken Disabled Disabled
Redeeming RToken Enabled Disabled
Staking RSR Enabled Enabled
Un-staking RSR Disabled Disabled
Withdraw RSR Disabled Disabled
RSR rewards payout Enabled Disabled
Trading Disabled Disabled
RToken melting Disabled Disabled