Our Vision

We believe the future dominant cryptocurrency will be a decentralized, dollar-independent stablecoin, and it will change the economic situation in nations around the world.
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The Reserve Protocol

The Reserve protocol mints, sells, buys, and burns RSV as needed to adjust the circulating supply, while RSR holders facilitate necessary arbitrage and provide an additional collateralization buffer.
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How to get RSR

Reserve Rights tokens (RSR) are now listed on

Reserve is a stable, global currency (a stablecoin) and a digital payment system for people and businesses in countries with high inflation.

Protect Your Money

Reserve enables people and businesses in countries with high inflation to protect their money by moving it out of broken currencies into a stable digital currency.

Send Money Across Borders

Reserve makes it cost-effective to send money across borders. This enables people to send money home to their families, and businesses to pay international suppliers in a stable currency.

Easily Accept Payments

Reserve allows businesses to accept payments in a stable digital currency, enabling them to easily pay their international suppliers, while also keeping their money out of inflation-prone local currency.