Nevin Freeman

Co-Founder and CEO

Nevin oversees strategy, legal, and team coordination at Reserve.

Nevin is an entrepreneur who has co-founded three companies. His mission in life is to solve the coordination problems that are stopping humanity achieving its potential, and he’s particularly concerned about averting the long-term risks posed by the development of artificial intelligence.

Matt Elder


Matt is designing, analyzing and overseeing the Reserve Stabilization Protocol and architecting the Reserve protocol implementation.

Previously, he did engineering for Google, Quixey, and the Linux Standard Base (IBM).

Jeremy Schlatter

Software Development

Jeremy is building the Reserve protocol software, including its smart contracts, off-chain components, and testing infrastructure.

Jeremy started his career as a software engineer at Google. Since then, he has worked at a number of Bay Area tech companies including Mailgun and OpenAI.

Jeffrey Ladish

Security Architecture

Jeffrey is analyzing and testing all parts of the Reserve system to identify and eliminate vulnerabilities.

Previously, he did engineering for the Edurange Project and Concur.

Robb Henshaw


Robb is focused on driving market awareness and adoption of the Reserve protocol.

Robb has 16 years of marketing and communications experience, and oversees strategy and execution of all marketing, communications, content, and social engagement campaigns.

Taylor Brent

Protocol Development

Taylor is working on the design of the protocol.

Previously he worked on analytical chemistry and bioinformatics infrastructure at Impossible Foods, and at Google doing data engineering.

Henry Fisher

Chief of Staff

Henry works to boost Nevin’s capacity by managing all active projects, and helping with strategic decisions, prioritization, and management of Nevin’s schedule.

Previously, he worked in operations at Paradigm Academy and worked as an engineer at Tesla.

Andrew Masanto

Marketing and Strategy

Andrew Masanto is a serial entrepreneur, having founded Altitude Shoes (sold in 2012), Higher Click SEO Agency (sold in 2013), Altitude Ads (ongoing) and then Co-Founding Hadera Hashgraph in 2017. Andrew is an astute professional investor and is on the board of a billion dollar impact investing fund, Cornerstone Capital Inc.

Miguel Morel


Miguel is overseeing the execution of Reserve’s operational strategies.

Previously, he was an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Paradigm Academy, working on a startup developing machine-learning SaaS tools for E-Commerce vendors and suppliers on fulfillment platforms such as Amazon, Alibaba and TaoBao.

Ojonimi Bako

Business Development and Product Strategy

Previously OJ was Global Vice President of Innovation and Partnership at Shiseido Americas Corporation, Director CTO of Strategy and Operations at Walmart Labs, and a Consultant at Accenture. He has a B.S. in Industrial Systems Engineering from Ohio State University, and is an angel investor in early stage AI and E-Commerce companies.

Charlie Smith

Business Development

Charlie is developing tactics and partnerships to get our protocol into the hands of users.

Previously, he worked as a management consultant at ReD Associates, contributed to The Economist Magazine, and helped start a bitcoin mine in Texas.

Cathleen Kilgallen

Research and Operations

Cathleen is managing Reserve’s finances and making sure the team is fully supported by effective admin and logistics.

Previously, she was the COO at Leverage Research and Paradigm Academy. She has also performed various operational roles at the congressional office of former Rep. Dennis Kucinich, The Jane Goodall Institute, and Amnesty International.

Andrew Lapinski-Barker

Head of Recruiting

Andrew is bringing talented people onto the Reserve team to fill out the company’s vision.

Previously, he was the COO of JCD Repair, office manager for MIRI, and strategy and ops consultant for EA Global.

Daniel Colson

Lead Protocol Designer

Daniel is doing economic research for Reserve’s protocol development.

Previously, he co-founded the Human Advancement Project, the Government and Politics Association and the Polybian Society, and was a sociology researcher at Paradigm Academy.

Vasco Queirós

Public Engagement

Vasco works to increase market awareness and adoption of the Reserve Protocol.

Previously he was a researcher at Leverage Research.

Jesper Ostman

Protocol Development

Jesper is designing the Reserve Stabilization protocol. He's also analyzing the stablecoin competitor landscape.

He has spent 4 years researching methodology for the Institute for Philosophical Research, after doing a theoretical philosophy Phd at Umeå University.

Erika Campbell

Onsite Operations

Erika is the point person of physical operations for Reserve.

She previously managed operations for Leverage Research and Paradigm Academy. She also has several years of softball coaching experience at the Division I and Division II collegiate levels.

Alex Altair

Software Development

Alex is working on the implementation of the protocol and developing our testing, deployment, and verification infrastructure.

Previously he was an engineer at, Metaswitch Networks (on Project Calico), Grand Rounds, and a research fellow at MIRI.

Mark Lee


Mark is doing legal research for Reserve.

He has a J.D. from Harvard Law School and previously worked for a major law firm in NY in the global securities practice group.

Elizabeth Van Nostrand

Elizabeth is the founder and director of, a project funded by Reserve.

In her free time she serves on the board of the Longevity Research Foundation and writes at, among other places. She has previously worked as an engineer at Google and Wave.

Steven Gilbert


Steven is focused on getting Reserve into the hands of people in developing countries.

Steven has lived and worked in Latin America the last 5+ years. He recently helped run a disaster relief cash transfer operation in Puerto Rico for the non-profit GiveDirectly, and previously worked in business development for software companies in Uruguay and France.

Matt Gertler


Matt is developing Reserve’s legal strategy.

Previously Matt co-founded Digital Asset Research, and worked at Milbank, Promontory Financial Group, Earnest, and Venmo. He has a J.D./M.B.A. from USC and a B.A. in Economics and History from UCLA.


Garett Jones

Monetary Economist

Garrett served as Economic Policy Adviser to Senator Orrin Hatch and as a staff economist to the Joint Economic Committee of the U.S. Congress.

He is a Professor of Economics at George Mason University.

Paul Atkins

Former SEC Commissioner

Paul Atkins was a commissioner of the SEC from 2002 until 2008.

In December 2016, Atkins joined a business forum assembled by President-Elect Trump to provide strategic and policy advice on economic issues.

Santiago Siri

Founder of Democracy Earth

Santi is an Argentine entrepreneur and builder of online voting tools.

Santi explained Bitcoin to the population of Argentina through a series of radio appearances. (We asked several random people in Buenos Aires and the majority had heard of Bitcoin… from Santi.)

Ben Verschuere

Former Portfolio Manager at Thiel Macro

Ben is a former global macro portfolio manager, specializing in fixed income and foreign exchange in developed economies.

He managed funds at Clarium Capital and Thiel Macro from 2007 - 2017.

Gary Basin

Former Hedge Fund Founder

Gary co-founded and did simulation research for Kapital Trading, and was a trader for Balyasny Asset Management.


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