should be
stable decentralized accessible universal permissionless inflation resistant usable

Welcome to the Reserve Ecosystem.
We build tools for people to create and use
stable currencies around the world.


A portal to create
and use asset-backed
currencies with the
Reserve Protocol

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RPay App

A gateway to stable currency

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The Reserve Protocol

A new way to launch and manage
asset-backed currencies

Permissionless from day one

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Smart contracts do the hard stuff

Put the collateral
to work

Modular governance and collateral plugins

Built-in systems for change through time

Decentralized Governance + RSR Overcollateralization

What should the future reserve
currency of the world be backed by?

We don’t know! That's why we made
it an open platform.

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RSR can be staked on any RToken

We believe the future is tokenized

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RTokens that are built with the
Reserve standard configuration
have several crucial properties
baked into their code:


They are fully collateralized
and redeemable 1:1 for their collateral.

They can be backed by RSR overcollateralization that works with smart contracts and applies to your tokens no matter where you hold them.

By default, their decision making
is transparent and decentralized.

RPay App

Reserve App

The Reserve App is an easy way to
save and spend in borderless,
stable currency. No crypto
knowledge required.

Reserve App

Get access to a USD stablecoin account
within the app.

Pay other users instantly
at no cost.

Deposit and withdraw in the currency
of your choice: fiat or crypto.

Our Story

We began with a mission to give everyone in the world
access to a currency that's more stable than any fiat money
ever has been.

We found that access to stablecoins removes economic borders
that have persisted for decades, even after the invention of the Internet.

Does that sound exciting to you?

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