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Backgrounds of the Reserve team include Google, Tesla, OpenAI, IBM, Hashgraph, MIRI, Impossible Foods, and the Jane Goodall Institute. Many of us have worked together for years in a think tank aimed at identifying and solving enormous world problems, and one of the projects we’ve worked on together for many years is co-founding and growing the "Effective Altruism" movement.

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The Reserve Protocol Explained at London Business School


Reserve Stabilization Protocol

Learn how the Reserve will achieve stability and how holders of Reserve Shares will be rewarded. Eventually, although not at launch, our protocol will back Reserve with a diversified pool of assets in a decentralized way. This is not light reading – if you are looking for a basic explanation, read our overview here.

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    Why Another Stablecoin?

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    Reserve's Analysis of the MakerDAO Protocol

    Thanks to the MakerDAO team for their feedback on this post, and for their openness to constructive criticism!

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    Reserve’s Analysis of the Basis Protocol

    Thanks to Myles Snyder from Multicoin Capital for providing feedback on this post.

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    Schelling Network Oracles are Vulnerable to Manipulation

    Until cryptocurrency has gained significant traction, prices will be volatile and unpredictable. This hurts the ability for normal consumers...

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Research & Opinions


Scaling Prosperity

Cryptocurrency started as a technical discussion on a mailing list, grew into a small movement, attracted hordes of speculators, and then splintered into a zillion useless imitations of itself. We believe it’s destined to consolidate and eventually give way to a battle for power on the global stage. We foresee uncomfortable disruption, a real threat of catastrophe, and a real promise of increased prosperity. Let us try to explain why.

Money is broken in some parts of the world – corrupt governments have a hard time maintaining stable value in their currencies.

Centralized, dollar-backed cryptocurrencies are an excellent solution to this problem, offering an alternative to citizens of high-inflation countries, but we worry that these solutions won’t last.

We believe the future dominant cryptocurrency will be a decentralized, dollar-independent stablecoin, and it will change the economic situation in many countries around the world.

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