Quick guide: Videos from our protocol launch day

On October 10th, 2022, the Reserve Protocol launched on the Ethereum mainnet in Bogotá, Colombia.

The launch allows anyone to create their own asset-backed currency on the Reserve Platform, and signals a new chapter in the journey to free the world from inflation.

This is the story of the day:

Introduction | Reserve in 30 minutes

If you only have time for one video, or need something quick to share with a friend, then this video (broadcast during the launch event) encapsulates the story of what Reserve is doing.

Chapter 1 | Welcome to Reserve, by Nevin Freeman

The start of our Protocol Launch Day. Nevin Freeman talks through the reason of our existence - including why inflation seems to be an ever-present problem, and the tools we think we can use to fight it and help people keep their purchasing powers over decades. Welcome to asset-backed currency.

Chapter 2 | How asset-backed currencies could look, by Tom Currier

An outside look at how a future RToken could look, by serial entrepreneur Tom Currier. There's many directions an asset-backed currency could go, and here is a bright take on a unique pathway.

Chapter 3 | The Reserve Protocol, by Taylor Brent and Thomas Mattimore

It's been a journey, and now - with the end sight just an hour away - Lead Protocol Engineer Taylor Brent and Head of Platform Thomas Mattimore talk us through the design process, and how they envision the future looking.

Chapter 4 | PROTOCOL LAUNCH: Minute-by-minute

"Who knew watching lines of code could be so much fun?": Lead Protocol Developer Taylor Brent calmly takes the stage as Chief Technology Officer Matt Elder hits the last few buttons to launch Reserve into the world.

Chapter 5 | Introducing MobileCoin's eUSD RToken

Henry Holtzman (Chief Innovation Officer) and Koh (Strategic Operations Lead) from MobileCoin take to the stage to introduce eUSD, which will be backed by a fully-collateralized RToken on the Reserve platform.

Chapter 6 | The world of RPay, by Josh Furnas

RPay continues its march forward, helping hundreds of thousands of people change their lives with access to stable currency.

Head of Product Josh Furnas talks us through the human impact and the latest numbers.

Chapter 7 | Welcome to Register, by Sinatra and Luis

Sinatra and Luis are the first people to play with Register - the first dApp for Reserve Protocol. Luis, from LC Labs, spearheaded the build, in close-operation with the protocol team.

See live stats from RPay, and an RToken be deployed, minted, and staked with RSR!

Chapter 8 | Journey's End and New Beginnings, by Nevin Freeman

It's been a big day - five years in the making. Now with the protocol live, we ask: What's next?

There's things to discuss - opportunities, risks, and tough predictions to make in an ever-changing world. But let Nevin tell you a cool story…