Reserve Protocol aims to establish a a robust and stable asset-backed currency platform. However, this necessitates the implementation of an additional layer of smart contracts, introducing an extra level of smart contract risk.

The Reserve Protocol team is aware of these tradeoffs and has prioritized security by undergoing multiple audits conducted by the world's leading security firms.

Smart contract security audits


Auditor Date Report Link
Trails of Bits Aug 2022 Report
Solidified Oct 2022 Report
Ackee Oct 2022 Report
Halborn Nov 2022 Report
Code4rena Mar 2023 Report

Bug Bounty

In addition to undergoing numerous audits, the Reserve Protocol team would like to motivate the community to undertake their own audits and will reward individuals who responsibly disclose any vulnerabilities they find.

Bug Bounty of $5,000,000

Reserve Protocol has partnered with Immunefi for establishing a bug bounty program. See additional details of the program, or report any findings here: